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Why Do I like Shemales


Why Do I Like Shemales?

The LGBTQ community has always been exciting to us. Everything about them is enticing, and we love learning new things about them. But what draws people in the most is finding out about shemales. For some reason, we are obsessed with them the most! People are very attracted to them, and they do not know why. It makes them feel perplexed, curious, confused… And there is no one correct answer we can give you when you ask us why you like shemales. The truth is that everyone is intrigued by them for different reasons.

Some like them because they are unique, bold, different, or authentic, and others because they are complex. This idea of one person embodying both masculine and feminine energy is mind-blowing and intriguing. Maybe some just have weird inclinations, and they like people or acts in sex that is unrelated to anything else others like.

Or we just like something new, fresh, uncommon, and weird. The concept of shemales is not odd to everyone, but some people still see them as aliens. There is nothing wrong with being trans, liking certain things, being different… We live in 2022 and everything is possible today! But if shemales are still an unexplored field to you, maybe answering some common questions about them will help you.

Am I Gay If I Like Shemales?

This is one of those debate topics where everyone has their own unique point of view. People have different opinions, and they will always disagree about a subject of this kind. For example, some will tell you that you are gay because you like women with penises, so it is pretty much the same as wanting to date and have sex with men only. Others will focus more on the feminine aspects of shemales, and they will agree that men that like them are straight.

According to some shemale-related studies, men that find shemales attractive are not gay. It is simply because they are only turned on by shemales, but not by gay porn. But this is very complex. You have men who are 100% straight, men who like to experiment, men who are queer and do not know it, men who are latent gays, men who are sexually free and open to all experiences with everyone, and so on. We cannot just generalize and say that you are gay if you like shemales sexually when we do not know your background. There are many layers of sexuality, and people are prone to different things. So, the answer can be both yes and no. Or both at the same time!


Ask yourself this – what is it that you like about shemales? Do you only like shemales, or gays too? What turns you on when you watch shemale porn – their long hair, makeup, maybe heels, or their penises? You are the only one who knows if you are gay or not. And whatever you are, it is 100% okay to be that! It is perfect if you are gay and like shemales because of their masculine energy!


On the other hand, if you are just someone who finds them tempting because you like people that are different and one-of-a-kind, that is also amazing. At the end of the day, it does not even matter. What matters is that they are beautiful beings worthy of love and attraction, and so are you. And we have layers, sexuality is too hard to explain, and everything is allowed as long as it is consensual.

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Is It Common for Straight Guys to Watch Tranny Porn?

It is more common than you may expect. They do not just watch tranny porn, but they also hook up with trannies at bars, and clubs, when they meet them on social media… Many straight men choose shemales because they are a breath of fresh air, something they still have not experienced. Or, they have, but they liked the experience. Tranny porn is viral on porn sites and sex cam sites, so there are more and more shemale pornstars every day.

Are There Differences Between Transgender and Transexual?

We can use a definition that is common on the web. The first notion is for the individuals who have undergone a sex-change operation. They may identify with a gender inconsistent with their assigned one at birth. This term is not dated, and no one uses it anymore, or at least not as much. The second term, transgender, is more common in 2022. It is more modern, and these individuals choose not to conform to the sex they were assigned at birth. They hate stereotypical gender definitions. But transgender is a term that encompasses many meanings. These people can undergo surgeries, but they do not have to. They can be cross-dressers or just intersex individuals.

How Is Sexual Orientation Different Than Gender Identity?

Being a shemale does not mean that you find men sexually attractive. Or women, no matter if we are talking about straight men and women or queer individuals. As a shemale, you can like gays, straight men, lesbians, straight women, or everyone simultaneously! Basically, even if you are not queer, you may just be open to experimenting with their sex partners. Shemales do that too. Your assigned or chosen gender does not define who you find sexually attractive.

What To Avoid If You Do Not Want to Offend Trans People?

Do not use pronouns before you ask them which ones they feel comfortable with. Also, never ask them about their genitalia and why they feel the need to be different. Do not do anything that would make them feel like aliens or some new breed or animal. They are normal human beings, just like everyone else in the world. It is just that they hate what others assigned them when they were born. And it is 100% okay to not want to fit the mould. After all, we have life to be different, experiment, try new things, and do something others never have done before.